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Anastasia Kirchoff is...

originally from wintery northern Wisconsin and now lives in the almost as frigid Twin Cities of Minnesota. She attended college at the University of Wisconsin Superior, where she studied creative writing and Spanish. After college she lived in South America, where she taught English as a second language. Throughout her life she's been a waitress, hypochondriac, teacher, gymnastics coach, insomniac, marketing specialist, check-out-er at a hardware store, and the most painful thing; the job that still gives her stress dreams years later: a call center representative.

She writes surrealism and speculative fiction. Her work often includes LGBTQ themes, fantasy elements, suspense and dashes of body and existenetial horror. She crafts flawed but compelling protagonists in stories with glittery, arresting prose.


If you like all things strange and gripping, check out her stories. 

Get an idea of her style...

What's she reading?

Where's she published?

Anastasia first literary love was Anne Rice, and it was she who sparked her interest in charismatic, supernatural antiheroes. 


For fantasy she loves Fonda Lee, N.K. Jemisin, S.A. Chakraborty, and V.E. Schwab.


Within Science Fiction she often reads Ken Liu, Becky ChambersJames S.A. Corey and Christopher Ruocchio

Anastasia is  a lifelong fan of Stephen King and enjoys similar authors such as Paul Tremblay.

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They are representative of places I have been published.

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