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Beach Rocks

The Molotov Cocktail

I Sing is a flash story that offers a unique version of the classic mythical monster: The Siren. It was shortlisted in The Molotov Cocktail's 2018 "Flash Monster" competition, and later appeared in their online anthology

Anatomical Model

Psychopomp Magazine

This is a surrealist story that studies the dubious nature of physicality


Brilliant Flash Fiction

This 700 word story took 3rd place in Brilliant Flash Fiction's "Feed Us" writing contest and appears in their anthology The Best of Brilliant Flash Fiction 2014-2019

Bending Genres

My Medicine is a flash piece that captures a protagonists painful metamorphosis into adulthood, and all the trials and temptations that accompany that growth 

Women on Writing

This flash story took 3rd in Women on Writing's quarterly flash competition in Fall of 2019 and tells of the story of a young women's turbulant relationship with her mother 

* Click here to be taken to an author  interview conducted  by Women on Writing regarding this story


Kathy Fish commenting on "Mother's Milk"

“the first and last lines of Mother's Milk were unforgettable, and that the yearning of this character was compelling, leaving a sense of resonance with the reader—something that great flash fiction should do.”

Angela of Women on Writing commenting on "High Heels"

“High Heels is a stunning read with a tight theme. I could vividly picture your characters, and I felt for the daughter from the emotion you packed into each description. Your voice is so powerful I could read anything you wrote.”

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